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What do you want to eat today?

How it works

Browse for food

You browse from our selection of our tasty food you want to eat, from our food preparers near you area.

Place an order

After seeing what you wish to eat, you place an order on our site and pay online for your order. Cool and easy.

Food gets prepared

You wait for the food you’ve just ordered. The food preparer will be busy preparing your food and keep in touch with you.

Order gets completed

Your food gets delivered to your home or work, typically within an hour. Or, if you prefer, you may collect your order.

Become one of our chefs today

We would be happy to have you become one of our awesome chefs. We work with you to bring you customers who want to eat great and tasty food. That’s where you come in!

All the variety of food you need is available

We have different types of cuisines to feed your craving. They include African dishes, Toasted sandwiches and Macaroni.

Toasted sandwiches

We have different types of sandwiches for you. These include ham and cheese, tuna mayonnaise and burger and cheese.

Macaroni for your taste buds

When you don’t feel like bread or rice or pap, we have different types of food for you. For example some macaroni and cheese or macaroni and veggies for those of you who are watching your weight..

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