Digital Renting. Easy. Quick. At last.

Property for rent. Designed to be hassle-free. For landlords. And tenants.

For tenants

Deposit free. Digital lease signing. Cryptocurrency pool access. Win competitions.

For landlords

Hassle-free rent payments. Qualified tenants. Over 90% occupancy. Rental Guarantee option.

Property for rent
Property for rent - what do we do

Property for rent - What do we do?

When it comes to property for rent, it has been a hassle for landlords and tenants. No more. Hunting Lehae has revolutionalised the way renting is done. Digitally. Forever.

We have created an easy way to benefit landlords and tenants. By removing obstacles that have been the norm for decades. And moved all the processes online. And cut out the unnecessary steps along the way.

We do the following:

  • Digital lease signing.
  • Book online for viewing.
  • No deposit. No stress.
  • Win monthly competitions.
  • Online property listing.
  • Guaranteed rental option.
  • Eviction option.
  • Cryptocurrency pool access.


Can we check if you are getting all the benefits that you are entitled to? Like Rental Guarantee?




Are you getting your Full rent on time, every month?



Are your units at least 90% occupied every month?



Are you allowing your tenants to digitally sign a lease agreement, using the smartphones?



Are your tenants submitting maintenance form, when there's an emergency like a blocked drain?



Are you getting extra income, other than rent? Like investment income or monthly competitions?



If you answered "No' to any of the questions, then you are NOT getting your entitled benefits.


What do you get?

Property for rent made easy. Easy online application. No need to print any lease agreements anymore.

Qualified Landlords

All our landlords are vetted. Making sure they are the legal owners of the properties they are listing. Giving you peace of mind.

Digital signing

With our digital property for rent, you don't need to print lease agreements anymore. Sign with your finger right on your mobile phone.

No deposit

No more fights about landlords not paying back your deposits in full. For a small amount, you pay an extra per month on top of your rent.

Win prizes

With our property for rent packages, you can enter our competitions. For R100, you can win prizes up to R2,000. Like cash. Monthly grocery. Data. And more.

Get extra income

As a tenant, you also get access to the cryptocurrency pool access. Which gives you extra income. Gone are the days when you only have to pay rent.

Great Location

Get a unit near your place of work. Near malls. Creches. Schools. Even spaza shops. Walking distance to clinics. Taxi rank. Or a bus stop.

Sign digitally using your stylus or finger.

Property for rent - digital signature

What do you get?

Property for rent made easy. Easy online lease signing. Regular and timely rent income.

High occupancy

We make sure that your property to rent gets filled up. Over 90% occupancy rate. With vetted tenants. Who will be able to afford your rent.

Guaranteed rent

As a landlord, the last thing you need is late paying tenants. We make sure that you get your rent on time. Every month. With our Rent Guarantee option.

Easy Lease Signing

Month to month lease. Or yearly lease. Up to you. Plus lease signing by yourself and the tenant is quick and easy. On your smartphones. Sign with your fingers.

Add Property

Add your property to rent. Describe your units and show off that pool. Or fireplace. Let your great pictures make the tenants want to book now for viewing.

Scheduling for viewing

Schedule the viewing of your units on your own terms. Then tenants will see those times. Never again will tenants request times that don't work for you.

Maintenance enquiries

When tenants need a light bulb changed. Or a burst geyser fixed. They just submit their inquiry online. No more back and forth calls or messages.