Bachelor flat rentals

Bachelor flat rentals

Bachelor flat rentals

We have Bachelor flat rentals. Starting from only R1500 per month. In Johannesburg. Soweto. And Pretoria. We have them all. 

Are you a single person looking for a room? Near where you work or study? So that you can save thousands of Rands on petrol? Or a young couple? We’ve got you covered! All our bachelor flats will suit your budget. For you and your partner. Or just for you.

Our Bachelor flats to rent have all the benefits you need. Safe. Beautiful. And quiet units. Safe and secure parking. Walking distance to spaza shops. To supermarkets. And even to creches and schools.

Bachelor flat rentals - the Benefits

Our Bachelor flats to rent include benefits. The benefits include:

  1. Carpet or tiled floor
  2. Beautiful ceilings (keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer)
  3. Built-in cupboards (with area to hang your clothes and space to pack clothes)
  4. Prepaid electricity (you control how much electricity you pay for)
  5. Private bathrooms (for larger bachelor flats)
  6. Shared bathrooms (for smaller bachelor flats)

Easy application process for viewing

All our Bachelor flat rentals are easy to book for viewing. The process is as follows:

  1. Log onto our site:
  2. Browse the bachelor property that you like.
  3. Book with your smartphone. For a time and date that suits you best.
  4. The landlord will receive an email, notifying them of your booking
  5. You will also get an email confirmation.
  6. The landlord will then approve your viewing.
  7. If you like the place, you then sign an easy, digital lease. Which you can sign using your finger. Right on your phone. No need for messy printing. Pen signing. Faxing. And time-wasting. Between you and the landlord.

Bachelor flat rentals - Digital lease

Tired of wasting time and money regarding the signing of lease agreements? We hear you. That’s why we made our process much simpler. After viewing the Bachelor flats to rent, and you like the place, all you need to sign the lease is:

  1. Get the digital lease agreement from your landlord. The landlord would have pre-signed the lease agreement to start the process.
  2. Read through it. Will take you less than 10 minutes.
  3. Digitally sign it, by using your finger. Right on your smartphone.

No more messy hard copy lease agreements that need to be printed first. Scanned. Signed by you and the landlord, using pens. Faxed to the landlord. Or even worse, taken to him physically.

Benefits of our Bachelor flat rentals

Besides the awesome benefits above, you also get the following benefits with our Bachelor flats to rent:

  1. High wall for security
  2. Safe and secure parking for your car
  3. Allowance for visitors, at anytime
  4. Peace and quiet (if you are studying or just want a quiet place)
  5. Walking distance to small shops (to get milk, bread, and other small stuff)
  6. Under 5 minutes drive to malls (to do your shopping at month-end or to eat out)
  7. Access to fast and reliable internet (optional extra)
  8. Small garden
  9. Under 5 minutes drive to clinics and hospitals (in case you get sick or your child does)
  10. Under 5 minutes drive to creches and schools (saving you a lot of transport money for your children)
  11. 5 minutes walk to the taxi route & Metrobus (in case you don’t have a car or want to save on petrol)
  12. Access to Uber and Bolt (to travel anywhere you want to or going to party the whole night and don’t want to drive drunk)

Other information

So, there we go.

Are you looking for more information regarding our Bachelor flat rentals? Look no further.

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