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Delivery places

Since we are based in Lombardy East, we want to achieve the goal of delivering to you with 1 hour, except for products that need at least 24 hours to prepare (e.g. platters). We deliver within 20 kilometer radius from our place.

Below are some of the the areas that we currently deliver to:

  1. Lombardy East
  2. Lombardy West
  3. Rembrandt Park
  4. Rembrandt Ridge
  5. Kew
  6. Bramley
  7. Bramley View
  8. Kempton Park
  9. Edenvale
  10. Alexandra
  11. Greenstone Hill
  12. Greenstone Gate
  13. Limbro Park
  14. Lyndhurst
  15. Norwood
  16. River Park
  17. Long meadow
  18. Modderfontein
  19. Sandringham
  20. Tembisa

If your area is within 20 kilometers from Lombardy East and it is not listed in the list above, please let us know by contacting us.