Hunting Lehae is a real estate digital platform. We link tenants and landlords together. We say “No” to the old way of renting. We have changed how rentals are working. Forever. Simple. Digital. Quick.

We have made renting very easy for tenants. They apply for viewing online. Then you, the landlord, approve the viewing. Making sure that the viewing date and time suit your schedule. Without having to call the tenant. And without having the tenant call you.

Sign a lease agreement using your finger. Not a pen. Right on your smartphone. No more running around and printing lease agreements. Then faxing them. Fax is dead. Why still use it?

Great question! Once the landlord has submitted their property and has put in the days of the week and times that they are available, the tenants apply for viewing. The tenant would follow these steps:

  1. Tenants will Apply online to submit their information. Takes them less than 5 minutes.
  2. They will browse the units offered on our platform. 
  3. When they find the unit that they like, they apply for viewing online. The tenant will get an email confirmation for the date and time of their viewing after the landlord approves their viewing. You, as the landlord, will then approve or reject the viewing.
  4. If the unit suits their needs, they can sign a digital lease. As a landlord, you will also need to sign it.
  5. The tenant then pays the rent to our platform. Once we confirm, you will then hand the keys to the tenant. If the tenant has opted for a Deposit free option, they will pay no deposit but a slightly higher rent (i.e. R100 more).

Glad you asked! This is a form that a tenant completes to ask the landlord to fix something on the property. Yet another way we have revolutionalised the rental process.

Let’s say a tenant experiences a burst geyser, an electrical problem, or a plumbing problem. What do they do next? The tenant will simply complete the maintenance form. using their smartphone.

Landlord gets the form. And attends to their query at the time suitable to the tenant and the landlord.

A Deposit free option means that the tenant does not have to pay a deposit before they move into a unit. We have listened to you. Many of the tenants struggle with a deposit.

No more stress as to how the tenant is going to get the extra money to pay for the deposit. And no more fights between tenants and landlords about the refund of deposits.

For an extra R100 per month on top of the tenant’s rent, they can opt for a deposit-free option. This is to cover for any damage to the property. We need to cover the landlords too.  Please note that the tenant will not be eligible to get any deposit refund when they move out.

Excellent question! On our platform, we want to give something extra to you as a landlord. While on all other platforms you only receive rent as a landlord, and get nothing else back, we have decided to make a plan.

Let’s say we have 10 landlords. Each of you pays R100 each per month. The total crypto pool is R1,000 per month. For your extra R100 per month, you get the following:

  1. A share of the crypto pool that Hunting Lehae manages for all our landlords. 
  2. Your share will be 10% (your R100 / R1,000 total).
  3. We invest in different sectors of crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, and so on.
  4. When the crypto markets goes up, you get a share in the profit. Let’s say it goes up by 5X. Your R100 contribution gets you R400 profit.
  5. Please note that if the crypto markets goes down, we will just hold the funds in the pool and wait for the market to recover again. Patience is needed.
  6. You will be able to withdraw your funds (with profit, and less 10% administration fees) after at least 1 year as a landlord. If at that time the market has made a profit.

Please note that the cryptocurrency pool is optional. You do not have to join it as a landlord. There are no refunds, should you change your mind later on.

Glad you asked! Another benefit you get as a landlord. Just by being on our platform, You will not get this benefit anywhere else. Not from other agencies or platforms.

Let’s say you pay an extra R100 per month to participate in the Raffle pool. And we meet the minimum of 30 landlords who participate. You will be entered into our monthly raffle. This is how it works:

  1. We do an automatic draw by the 7th of each month for a prize.
  2. If you are a winner, you can win a prize of up to R2,000.
  3. Prizes differ each month.
  4. The prizes can be a R500 shop voucher. R100 data. R50 airtime. Cellphone worth R1,500. Whisky worth R1,000. Cash via eWallet for R1,000. Mother’s day pack worth R1,000. Father’s day pack worth R1,000. Grocery worth R2,000. And so on.

The Raffle competition is completely optional. It can help you in the bad months when you have empty units. Or just need extra income on the side. As a landlord, you are not obliged to join it. Please note that there are no refunds, should you change your mind later on.