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Property Management Services for Landlords

We are a property management company that has turned the process of rentals digital. Gone are the days when endless messages fly between a tenant and a landlord. Resulting in misunderstandings. And the loss of rental income for the landlords.

So, how have we changed the rentals industry for the landlords? Great question!

Below, we will discuss the various items that we have changed. Making the lives of tenants and landlords so much simpler.

Let’s get right into it.

Get own Dashboard with our Property Management Services

As a landlord, you get your own Dashboard with our Property Management services. With your Dashboard, you can do the following:

  1. Manage all the properties that you have listed. Add new ones. Edit existing ones. Or remove ones that have been occupied.
  2. Set the times during the week, when you are available for viewing. So the tenants will only see the dates that you have set on your calendar. And book on the dates that suit you.
  3. See all the tenant bookings for all your properties.
  4. Via our chat feature, you can chat with tenants.
  5. Easily manage your landlord subscriptions. Upgrade your package. Or downgrade your package. At any time.
  6. Analytics. See all activities from tenants for the week. Month. Or any period that you like.
  7. Effortlessly add your banking details. So we know when to pay your rentals per month.
Property Management Dashboard

View all bookings in 1 place

With our Property Management services, you are in control of all the bookings for your properties. This is how it works:

  1. Tenant browses your property on our website.
  2. They see one of your units. And then choose the one that they like.
  3. After reading about the amenities of your unit, then they see all the times that are available for booking. The ones that you set when you added your property.
  4. Then they make a booking.
  5. You and the tenant get an email. Notifying you of the booked times.
  6. Then you conduct the viewing with the tenant.
  7. If the tenant takes the place, they then sign a digital lease. And make payment to us.
  8. Then we make payment to your bank account on the agreed dates per month. Normally by the 7th of each month.
tenant booking times

Chat online with our Property Management Company

Online communication with your tenants should be easy. No need to call tenants to call you at awkward times. Using our Property Management chat feature, you can:

  1. Easily chat online with your tenants. 
  2. They send you a question about your property from their cellphones. You get the message on your dashboard.
  3. Moreover, you reply at the time that suits you. Tenants get their queries resolved.
  4. Both of you just using your smartphones. No need for endless SMS messages, Or phone calls.
tenants complete an emergency form

Landlords: Get your rent paid on time

As a landlord, nothing is frustrating than getting rent late from a tenant. Or even worse… Getting no rent. That is where our property management service comes in. This is how it works:

  1. Firstly, the tenants that have applied via our website pay rent to us.
  2. Then we transfer the rent to the banking details that you have provided us.
  3. If the tenant pays late, we still pay your rent on time. And follow up with the tenant ourselves.
  4. This gives you peace of mind. Knowing that you have received your rent on time. Every time.

If you have opted for our Rental Guarantee option, we will guarantee rent payment to you for up to 2 months. Even if the tenant fails to pay rent on time.

Get a digital lease with our property management company

With our property management service, you get a new way of lease agreement signing on our platform. No more running around. Printing a lease agreement. Paying printing fees. Asking the tenant to sign. Fax. And email to you. What a mess!

We have changed all of that. To make it super easy for you the landlord. And your tenants. This is how it works:

  1. Once the tenant takes one of your units, the next logical step is for that tenant to sign a lease agreement.
  2. After all, the tenant needs to know the rules of your establishment.
  3. For a tenant to sign your lease, just direct them to our digital lease signing page.
  4. You are still welcome to edit the lease. But we have realised that most tenants prefer our digital lease the way it is. Plus it takes them less than 20 mins to read through it. And sign it. Using a finger. On their smartphones.
Property for rent - digital signature

Emergency? Get the tenant to complete a maintenance form.

With our property management service, you will no more get phone calls from your tenants when an emergency strikes.

We know that one of the things that makes a property investment unpleasant is getting a call late at night about a blocked drain.

So, we have simplified the process for dealing with emergencies. This is how it works:

  1. Let’s say there is a blocked drain at your property. A tenant completes an online maintenance form.
  2. On the form, they will specify what type of maintenance is needed. In this case, they will advise that it is a blocked drain (plumbing emergency).
  3. You will get an email about this.
  4. Then you can call your insurance company to deal with it. Or your private plumber. Normally within 24 hours. Just to keep your tenants happy.
  5. All without getting a single phone call from the tenant.
tenants complete an emergency form

Other information

So, there we go.

Are you looking for more information regarding our property management services? Look no further.

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